Yes, I'm a volunteer. How about you?

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I thought I would post a little about me since I haven't in sometime. Just for those of you who don't know me that well, I love to volunteer at local places like Desoto National Wildlife Refuge and Hitchcock Nature Center.

I volunteer at Desoto in the Spring. I help my aunt Sandy check the Eastern Bluebird nest boxes. We record what types of nests are in the boxes, how many eggs there are, and how many young fledge from the nest. We record what types of nests because we get more visitors than just the Bluebirds. House Wrens, House Sparrows, Tree Swallows, and even wasps show up in the boxes. (Yes, wasps. Those aren't my favorite at all!)


Tree SwallowThis image was taken just after my aunt and I got back in the truck after checking the nest box. The bird had to look our way as if to say: "What were you doing in my house?"

Volunteering at Hitchcock Nature Center is probably my favorite thing to do. I also volunteer there with my aunt and our friend, Jerry Toll. Volunteering at Hitchcock is a little different than Desoto. I'm sure a few of you might have seen birds with bands on their legs before. Well, that's what they do at Hitchcock. They catch birds of prey, band them, and check their overall health as they travel South for the winter months. (The banding takes place in the fall. Starts in September and ends around November.)

We use lure birds to attract the attention of the hawks as they're flying by. I love getting to be up close to the hawks just before we release them. They all have their own little personalities ranging from mad to really calm. I went to Hitchcock last Saturday and my aunt and I caught a Red-tailed Hawk and it didn't try to get us with its talons or slap us with its wings like they normally do. It was a really calm bird. The look on its face showed that it wasn't happy but it still didn't try to attack us.

All the hawks that they catch at Hitchcock are beautiful. I love getting to volunteer there. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this quick little post about me. Do any of you volunteer? Let me know in the comments! :)


Sharp-shinned HawkThis hawk isn't that big even though it looks like it is in this image. It's probably a little smaller than your forearm. Everyone loves this picture. It's definitely my favorite image that I've ever taken and my favorite one from Hitchcock Nature Center.

Red-tailed HawkRed-tail just before we released it.


Another Red-tail



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