What really got me started in wanting to create beautiful portraits and other photos was at my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. My aunt handed me her Canon DSLR and said she was tired of taking pictures and told me to go take some. After that, I was in love with photography.


My first camera was a little Kodak point and shoot. I had that for a few years before I felt that I didn’t have enough control over the look of my photos. For my 18th birthday I kept hinting to my parents that I wanted a Canon DSLR. They ended up buying me one and my photography took off from there.


My favorite part about portraits is getting to show people how beautiful they really are. Everyone has something unique about them and I love getting to bring that out in a portrait. I do the same for landscapes as well. I live near Iowa’s Loess Hills and it’s a beautiful place to take portraits in or photograph landscapes.


When I first started out taking photos, I was against editing them. I felt that the more natural a photograph looked, the better. My view on that has changed somewhat. Since November 2014, I’ve been using Photoshop to better my photos. I do still stick to the belief that photos look better when they’re natural so I try not to overdo the edits.


I graduated from the New York Institute of Photography after taking their Professional Photography course.


I hope you all enjoy looking at the portraits, landscapes, and other photos I’ve taken. Thank you for visiting and feel free to follow me on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


Member, Professional Photographers of America